Nuerburgring Nordschleife – prices

In the previous post I wrote about my trip to the Nordschleife. Probably some of the readers would like to know what costs this entails, so I decided to share it with you.

Nordschleife - Guesthouse Cockpit

Nordschleife – Guesthouse Cockpit

Vehicle preparation: ? – here I have to put a question mark, because it depends on the type of vehicle and the condition of tires, brake discs and pads, and the remaining technical condition of the vehicle. As I mentioned, I personally, despite having a BMW 335i, decided to rent a track-ready vehicle at, the cost of renting will be presented later in the entry.
Getting there: depending on the means of transport and the distance to the track, you need to calculate whether it is more profitable to fly by plane and rent a car from the airport or drive your own car, preferably with a few people sharing the cost of the trip. It cost me less than 150 EUR from Silesia due to the trip with a few people in a pleasant diesel engine.
Accommodation: you can certainly find cheaper, but we wanted a proven place, close to the track, so accommodation from Friday to Monday cost us about 220 EUR per person. Let’s say it was something like €75 per night per person. We also took the night from Sunday to Monday, so that we don’t have to hurry and leave. cars cars

Car rental: to check the most up-to-date prices, it is best to check the website of a specific car rental company. I chose which was recommended to me by a friend. I recommend reading reviews about a given rental company and customer experiences and choosing a rental company that will not do strange actions and require surcharges when returning the car. Here everything went smoothly, including rebooking the car from Friday to Sunday. It’s also nice that you can do more laps than booked and pay the right amount when returning. When receiving the vehicle, one of the mechanics inspects the car from the outside for damage, then gets in and takes the car for a test drive. If everything is fine, we settle the bill and the matter is settled. In the event of damage, we must cover the amount of damage up to the excess for the car. If the damage is less than a given amount, then according to the presented calculation, if the car is seriously damaged, it is the maximum amount. This is best described with an example, so the state for mid-2023 for the car BMW 325i is as follows:
2 laps: €179, 5 laps: €399, 10 laps: €749 (can’t buy 10 laps and spread them over 2 days of 5, I asked, same with insurance, valid on the day of redemption)
Own contribution: basic EUR 14,000. For EUR 149, you can buy insurance that reduces the share to EUR 10,000, and for EUR 249 premium insurance, which reduces the share to EUR 7,000 and covers possible towing costs and damage on the track. I am not sure if this also includes damage to energy-intensive barriers.
BMW 325i roll cage

BMW 325i roll cage

Track entry: EUR 35 per lap
Fuel: after 5 laps I filled the tank with premium petrol (rental requirement) for the amount of approx. EUR 50, so you can count on approx. EUR 10 per lap
In this rental you can also buy an All inclusive package for 55 EUR/period. which means that we will get an entry card to the track and we do not have to refuel before returning the car, but as you can easily calculate, if we buy entries and refuel ourselves, we save about EUR 10 per lap.
Food and drink: you also need to eat and drink at home and I adhere to the rule that you should not convert the cost of eating in a restaurant into zlotys, but accept the local prices. Of course, you can eat in the market by buying products and a drink, then it will be budget-friendly, but also in the restaurant on site you can eat a pizza or a decent burger for less than EUR 15, or a decent steak for about EUR 30.


To sum up my trip: 150 (travel) + 220 (accommodation), 800 (10 laps) + 350 (track entries) + 100 (2x fuel) + let’s say 150 food and drinks. This gives a total of about EUR 1,770, impressions you will experience there and the memories you brought back – priceless.

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