Machine that turns fuel into noise

The trip to Nordschleife caused that I started to thought about new car. Not because I am not like my BMW 335i or it’s not powerful enough, but I want something fresh. I had an opportunity to drive in BMW 840d and 520d and at first glance to the dashboard you see the difference. I was never delighted with electronic features in cars, but I thought that it’s nice to have modern interior, because it’s what you are looking for when you sit in the car.
I started to look at the car offers, focusing mainly on BMW M4 and BMW M2, but in the meantime, my friend which was on the Nordschleife also gave me his Mercedes C63 AMG with V8 6.2l engine to drive.

AMG instruments cluster

AMG C63 Instruments cluster

After few days of driving I wasn’t convinced yet, but I loved the V8 engine sound which this powerful engine with custom MG Motorsport exhausts generates. In addition to this, I thought about a car not only as a new toy, but also some kind of investment. On the example of my BMW 335i I learned that the value of some cars, when in good condition will not decrease over the years.
AMG C63, BMW 335i

AMG C63, BMW 335i

However, I still had BMW on my mind, I wanted to have at least some comparison, I made an appointment to inspect the BMW 650i and M3, but finally, after analyzing all the factors, I made a deal with my friend and became the owner of a hellishly loud Mercedes AMG C63.

More about this car here: Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

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