Fanatec Simracing Equipment

After few years of using Logitech G25 and then G29 steering wheel, I decided to change equipment in my Rig. I bought Thrustmaster T300 GT for a while, and after first drive I knew that I need to switch my Logitech to something better. The design of G29 wheel is quite old (same like G27), and it works on gear mechanism, which is loud and less precise than newer belt mechanisms. But is it Thrustmaster worth it’s price? Maybe yes, but I read many of opinions about poor reliability of T300 steering wheels. Lot of people had troubles with that wheels and even though they were cared with warranty I wanted to avoid such a situation. I have made some research then and decided to wait for Black Friday sale by Fanatec.

Fortunately they made about 20% off for a CSL Elite Bundle (CSL Elite Wheel Base, CSL Elite Pedals and CSL Steering Wheel P1), so I ordered the whole bundle and Load Cell Kit in addition. I ordered also ClubSport Formula Black wheel, which was shipped in the same package and preordered McLaren GT3 steering wheel which was announced to ship in Q1 of 2018.

I installed everything in my Rig and configured software to match new equipment. Then I have spent many hours driving various cars and enjoying with smoothness, precision and abilities of Fanatec gear. In April 2018 I received preordered McLaren GT3 steering wheel and additionally Quick Release adapter, which was a gift made by Fanatec due to latency.

Afterwards I bought Fanatec ClubSport Shifter SQ and BMW M3 GT2 steering wheel. The only missing part was Handbrake, but I decided to not buy Fanatec Handbrake, but one produced by SimLine Hardware, the small Polish company. It looks more robust and have analog input (switchable to digital if needed). Fanatec Handbrake is handled by driver in Wheel Base, not device itself, so it’s not so analog 😉

The whole Rig with Fanatec equipment (and SimLine Handbrake) you can see in gallery.