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AMG C63 – mods

I bought the AMG from a friend who imported it from the USA for himself sometime in 2019. The car had a damaged front but the radiators, engine and chassis were intact. On the...


Machine that turns fuel into noise

The trip to Nordschleife caused that I started to thought about new car. Not because I am not like my BMW 335i or it’s not powerful enough, but I want something fresh.
I started to look at the car offers, focusing mainly on BMW M4 and BMW M2, but in the meantime, my friend which was on the Nordschleife also gave me his Mercedes C63 AMG with V8 6.2l engine to drive.

AMG C63 side view

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

The AMG C63 is a crazy idea from Mercedes engineers who – not as before, put a more efficient engine in one of the existing Mercedes bodies – but this time they redesigned the...