Trip to Namestovo for garlic soup and fried cheese

Saturday, 7th of May. I woke up morning, ate a solid breakfast and right now drinking a coffee. I have some time to write something, but in few minutes I am going to pick up my Hayabusa from the garage and ride to Bielsko-Biala where I will meet with other guys. We will go through Zywiec and Korbielow (PL) to Namestovo (SK), where delicious Garlic Soup and Fried Cheese is served. The Company is fine, so the ride will be fine 🙂

Few hours later…And it was as I expected: 7 motorcycles, good company, delicious dishes and some windy weather. The winding road near Zawoja is what the Motorcyclists like. The trip was marvelous and everyone got back home happy. See you guys next time!

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