My Third Hayabusa – Silver Sword 2021

There were a lot of unknowns about the new Suzuki Hayabusa model. First of all, will it come out at all. Various types of regulations regarding exhaust gas standards and motorcycles in general, imposed by EU officials and government administrations who wanted to bring our lives to the same level of boredom as their own, meant that we had to wait almost 3 years for a new Suzuki flagship model.
But finally it is, the third generation Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa hit the dealerships… and spread like hot cakes. I booked mine already in February, one of the first contingent of 15 pieces, which was supposed to reach Poland in March.
Hayabusa 2021
I received the documents for registration at the beginning of April, it took me a few days to make an appointment with the office for registration, but already in mid-April I was going to the dealership to pick up the motorcycle. I waited a bit for reasonable weather, because I wanted to do the first ride right away and get back on wheels, and I had 470 km to do.
Hayabusa 2021 Front
It was hard to decide on the color of the motorcycle without seeing how it looks in real life, at first I decided on black, but I chose silver, specifically Metalic Mat Sword Silver / Candy Daring Red, and upon arrival it turned out to be a very accurate choice.
Hayabusa 2021 Rear
I planned to return the next day, but the road went quite smoothly in this direction, so my friend got behind the wheel of my BMW, and I took the Hayabusa and we headed towards Katowice.
Hayabusa 2021 and BMW 335i
The road went quite smoothly because the motorcycle is about to arrive, and Concrete with two turbines is also doing well with a good driver at the helm, so after a few hours I was home, maybe a little cold because the temperature was not so pleasant, but I am happy with the purchase and ride 🙂
Hayabusa 2021 Dashboard

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