3rd place in DTM ’90 Cup, 4th in Porsche RSR Euro Cup, holidays races and a small summary of achievements

Another six months of my participation in the Simracing races have passed and I think it’s time for a small summary. This year began for me with the organization of the fourth season of the Amateurs Club, this time with GT4 class cars, in which I also took part. I did not have spectacular victories there, but there was a lot of good racing and I finished the season on sixth place out of 36 drivers. Then the X season of AC League was launched under the name mCapsule GT3 CUP, in which I competed in McLaren 650S GT3.

I qualified mainly in the Semi-Pro category, which is lower scored than Pro, but it finally gave me 31st position for 148 drivers participated in the whole season.

One of the biggest success, which I can boast is the 4th place in the general of Porsche RSR Euro Cup on SRS, where I competed against 732 drivers over the world. Here is the top 10.

Another one is the 3rd place in the general of DTM Cup ’90 by Simrace.pl, where I drove Mercedes 190 Evo II. Another cup joined to my collection.

My struggles in defending the 3rd position in the final DTM Cup race can be seen on the channel of Andrzej Wasilewski (Sefni), who streamed and commented the race. But you need to be patient, because the race lasted 1.5 hours.

Another, quite good IMO achievements is the 1st place in Seat Leon Cupra TCR 2018 race and the 3rd place in the summer races in Renault Sport R.S.01 at the Bathrust track (Mount Panorama Circuit), where one of the rivals was Damian Lempart, a young driver from real race tracks. I had a pleasure of fighting with Damian directly for the 2nd place, what you can see in the video below containing a shortcut from this race. The track is very narrow and interesting. My commentary on particular situations on the track can be seen after switching on the subtitles (PL or EN, by preference).

Currently, preparations for the new GT4 league on Simrace.pl are taking place. The choice will be: Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport, Ginetta G55 GT4 and Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4. In test races, I’m quite good in Porsche, recently I took second place at the Monza circuit, but the choice of the car is not yet decided. I encourage everyone who would like to join the races on the Simrace.pl forum. The GT4 league starts in September 2018.

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