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Last week in Motorsport world I’ve heard a great news: Gosia Rdest will race in GT3 race. Because I am following a little the career of this young talented girl from Poland and I am glad, that our drivers races in better and better racing classes, I thought that the best support for Gosia will be to organize a simracing event. The choice of car and track was obvious: Audi R8 LMS 2016 on Barcelona GP.

Qualification start to Fun Race named “Być jak Gosia Rdest” (Beeing Gosia Rdest) starts 23 of October 2018 at 21:00 CET. Race will start about 21:20 with duration of 40 minutes.

This is my Audi R8 LMS lap on Barcelona GP. I did not practice too much and did not make any car setup, so there is few seconds to improve yet.

More about race you can find on forum.

Update after the race:

After 4th position in Qualification I decide to stream Onboard to Youtube. Unfortunatelly there was too less time to make this and moreover I was not able to click Drive, so I was put in Pit 10 seconds before start. I started from Pits and had 15-30s loss, but quickly catched up one and another driver. On 3rd lap from 4s loss to Ogaras I made 0.4s and I overtake him at the first opportunity. Then I saw the other driver who came back on track after spin, and the rest of race I fought him. Finally I took 5th place. I had also some achievements:

Most consistent lap times: DrFugazi (68% of their laps within 0,66 secs of their average)
Hunter: DrFugazi (avg gap to car in front 1,71 secs)
Hunted: Adziu (avg gap to car behind 1,55 secs)

That was very nice and clear race. See you next time!

More about Gosia Rdest you will find on her’s FB Fan Page i official site:

Good luck Gosia, fingers crossed!

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